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Why Does The Body Feel Better After Drinking Coconut Water?

Diterbitkan Rabu, 29 November 2023

Clinical nutrition specialist dr. Juwalita Surapsari, M.Gizi, Sp.GK, explained that until now there is no scientific evidence regarding the efficacy of coconut water as a medicine. However, why do some Covid-19 positive people feel their body condition is better after drinking it?

“So if people feel better, actually it’s something subjective and we have to look at it comprehensively,” said Juwalita in a press release received by, quoted Tuesday (13/7).

Juwalita said, it is possible that people who feel better after drinking coconut water have taken the recommended treatment. Treatment from doctors is not specific to Covid-19, but supportive.

In addition, according to Juwalita, Covid-19 positive people also undergo a balanced diet that supports healing. Possibly, the consumption of coconut water gives positive suggestions to people who consume it.